Frozen tropical fruits

100% excellent quality

Conventional and organic quality

Focusing on sustainability

A wide range of products

Sourced globally for you

Juices, puree and concentrate

Both aseptic and frozen

QA Management

certified goods 

BRC certified

Netra Agro is BRC Agents and brokers Certified.

Quality has been and always will be Netra Agro’s top priority. Certifying Netra Agro with BRC has been an logic step in a long line of developments of quality safety measurements. Basically it means putting in procedure what we have been doing for a long time: guaranteeing optimal product safety and quality.

Audits and QA control

Our Quality system includes for instance:

  • Regular audits of our producers
  • Suppliers are certified with BRC, ISO, FSSC, IFS or similar
  • Fast & professional follow-up of enquiries
  • Import according to EU regulations
  • Supplier approval system on place
  • Full track and trace system
  • QA control on all incoming goods