A wide range of products
Sourced globally for you
Juices, puree and concentrate
Both aseptic and frozen
Conventional and organic quality
Focusing on sustainability
Frozen tropical fruits
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Tropical and sub-tropical fruits

in IQF, purees and concentrate


We have a wide range of product types and varieties. Our fruit is sourced from all over the world to try and cover year round supply with different crops. 

Our main products are processed in IQF (Individually Quick Freezing), purees and concentrates. We operate with many different sizes and origins. Our packaging is focused on the industry and therefore we stock most items in cartons of 10kg, BiB and drums. Smaller retail packages can be ordered on request.

Find above our product portfolio file to give you an idea of our extensive range.


We see a growing demand and supply of organic products in the food industry and want to inform you that Netra Agro can also assist you in this trend. 

Organic and sustainable sources are gradually gaining more interest with consumers and supermarkets. 

As an expert in tropical fruit ingredients, we want to inform you that we have some of our core IQF- and aseptic fruits in organic quality on stock as well. Currently we have mango, pineapple, banana and coconut. 

Besides the mentioned products we will expand our organic portfolio overtime. 

We would like to receive your input on this development as well, so that we can aim our sourcing according to our customers’ wishes.

Likewise, we would be glad to assist you with further information and offers on this subject. If you have any organic demands or pending project, feel free to share this with us and review if we can support you in this matter.