Vietnamese pineapple shortage continues

Netra Agro’s Vietnamese Pineapple suppliers have informed they are  confronted with the most extreme shortage of raw pineapple material in the zone of the Mekong  River Delta for years. The continuing draught is causing  fierce saline intrusion which effects crops. Locals claim they have not seen this kind of conditions for over 100 years of history.


The transformation of nature is causing bad crops of many different agricultural products in the whole Mekong River Delta zone. Whether this change is temporally, because it is effected by El Niño, or if it is for longer term because of climate change remains uncertain. Fact is 2016 is the third year in a row we see shortage of pineapple.


The Mekong is a trans-boundary river in Southeast Asia. It is the world’s 12th-longest river and the 7th-longest in Asia. Its estimated length is 4,350 km (2,703 mi), and it drains an area of 795,000 km2 (307,000 sq mi), discharging 457 km3 (110 cu mi) of water annually.