Start of Spanish Strawberry season

Our BRC Certified supplier for IQF strawberry from Spain has started its’ production again. They produce specially for customers of Netra Agro:

  • IQF Strawberry un-calibrated, Spain
  • IQF Strawberry 15-35 calibrated, Spain
  • IQF Strawberry 15-25 calibrated, Spain
  • IQF Strawberry halves, Spain (handcut, calibrated or un-calibrated)
  • IQF Strawberry 10×10, Spain / Morocco

The diced, calibrated and un-calibrated IQF frozen strawberries are grown with Global Gap certification. The variety that is mostly used in the frozen industry is Camarosa or Camarosa type similar. Camarosa strawberry plants are grown by commercial growers because of their high yield and firm fruit which makes excellent to use in the processed food industry such as in the dairy or compound-related manufacturers.

IQF Strawberry halve, Spain
IQF Strawberry halves, Spain