Start of lychee crop

The Asian Lychee crop has just started. Like previous years, it is quiet uncertain how prices will develop. China used to be one of Netra’s sources, but due to increasing consumption of lychees by Chinese themselves, Vietnam is our most important source for IQF Lychees.


The two largest Vietnamese lychee-growing areas are the provinces of Bac Giang and Hai Duong. Growers in these two provinces are expecting to harvest a total of 200,000 MT of fresh lychees according to the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency. The Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade states that about 60 percent of the crop (120,000 MT), will be sold domestically. The remaining 40 percent (80,000 MT), including 85% of fresh fruits and 15 percent of dried and frozen fruits, are set aside for export to a number of foreign markets like Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, the U.S., Australia, Japan, South Korea, and off course, to us, Europe.


Over the past weeks, growers in Luc Ngan District, a lychee ‘hotpot’ in Bac Giang, have had their hands full reaping their fruits to make sure they are harvested in their prime time – which lasts only three or four weeks –. One Lychee grower states on a local market: “Prices fluctuate notably depending on farmers, areas, and when the fruits are purchased. My lychees were priced VND14,000 [US$0.7] per kilogram this morning, but they are likely to drop to a mere VND8,000 per kilogram this afternoon,”


He was carrying a bulky lychee load of some 100 kilograms for the sale. Just imagine how many growers are necessary to fill up one container load of 23 MT. Off course our factories have all sort of suppliers, differentiating form the very small once like here above to the larger more professionally equipped farms.


Netra Agro can offer depitted IQF Lychees from this new crop.


Lychee crop - reaping yields

Lychee crop – reaping yields