Shortage of Vietnamese Queen pineapple continues

In Vietnam the price of raw material Pineapple has increased with 25 to 30% compared with  May/June 2016 due to the continuing  shortage of Pineapple supply as a consequence of salinization.

The reason is that due to the El Nino phenomenon, starting from 2014 until mid 2016, the yearly average temperatures went up with 1 to 1,5 degree Celsius and that rainfall last year has degreased with an average of 30-50%.

Meanwhile, the total flow of the Mekong River that runs to Mekong Delta is less than 20 to even 50%, the lowest level in history. Therefore, the effect salinization is become becoming more dangerous.


Netra Agro pineapple suppliers are not offering for prompt shipment at the moment. But we still have some limited stocks available and there is limited possibility to ship product as of November / December.

Salinization Mekong Delta River

Salinization in the Mekong Delta River