IQF Pineapple Vietnam

Product: IQF Pineapple, Vietnam

County of origin: Vietnam

Variety: Queen

Harvest period: September – July

Palletisation: 99 cartons of 10kg. on Industrial pallet or 72 cartons of 10 kg. on Europallet

Applications: Numerous

Characteristics: Victoria Queen pineapple is a firm fruit which is used a lot in the pasteurization process. IQF Pineapple pieces can be blanched which could be necessary in order to achieve the lowest possible Total Plata Count (micro) because the fruit will not be processed any further by means of any sterilization step. Blanching is a process wherein the pineapple  is steamed with water with temperatures over 100 degrees for a short moment of time.

For example, Netra Agro’s IQF pineapple blanched tidbits, Vietnam can be found as pizza-toppings in many European supermarkets.

Cuts:  Although it is possible to cut by machine, the most regular cut of IQF Queen Pineapple from Vietnam are  still achieved by cutting the fruit by hand. Netra Agro offers the following cuts of Vietnamese pineapple:

– IQF pineapple 3-6mm, Vietnam
– IQF Pineapple 6×6, Vietnam
– IQF Pineapple 8×8, Vietnam
– IQF Pineapple 10×10, Vietnam
– IQF Pineapple 12×12, Vietnam
– IQF Pineapple 15×15, Vietnam
– IQF Pineapple tidbits, Vietnam
– IQF Pineapple chunks, Vietnam