New season IQF Red Crimson Grapes soon available!

Cultivation of grapes began somewhere between 6000 to 8000 years ago in the Near East. The most commun application of grapes is wine. The earliest archeological evidence for a dominant position of wine-making in human culture dates from 8,000 years ago in Georgia.

However, Netra Agro doesn’t sell wine, we sell Grapes. IQF Red Crimson Grapes from Chile. Our Red Crimson grape is generally known for their sweet taste and high brix level. These seedless fruits fit perfect in salads or in juices. When instantly quick frozen they remain their characteristics and hold their crunch. Generally Crimson is a late seasoned grape and the processing period in Chile between  May and June.

We expect our first containers for the end of May. If you like to benefit our pre-order prices, please contact us.

IQF Red Crimson Grapes, Chile
IQF Red Crimson Grapes, Chile