Market update pineapple Vietnam

As previously informed during 2016, Vietnam went through an intense drought period due to combined effects of El Nino weather patterns and hydroelectric dams retaining the Mekong’s waters in upstream countries. This caused soils of Mekong delta to run dry, and contaminated with salt water from ocean brines. Regions most affected were the coastal and south provinces, including the pineapple growing districts. This drove a clear lack of supply for the rest of the year, and prices went upmore than double.


In 2017, climatic patterns are almost opposite: the rainy season is dragging up to this month January (normally, dry season starts in December). The impact on the pineapple crop is more neutral; Mekong Delta farmers are used to managing excess water, digging draining trenches in their fields (see below picture). The lack of sun and heat delayed the maturation of the fruit and the campaign is expected to start from 20th of February. Predicted yields are quite standard for the region, without being outstanding (around 30-40 t/ha). Consequentially the market calmed down and prices decreased, although remaining high compared to historical data. We start the season with stronger confidence, hoping for the dry period to arrive soon and bring sugar and size to our fruits. In addition, due to salinization, we can see that there is a movement from rice farming into pineapple cultivation as the growth of Pineapple in saline soils is better than rice.


We do hope in the nearby future the growth of Pineapple will continue to grow.


pineapplefield Vietnamdraining trenches though pineapple fields