Mango Peru 2018

We’re close to the end of Mango Kent season in Peru.

Last month, our quality- and sales managers went there to check on our Mango packers and explore new opportunities. Netra Agro regularly checks its suppliers on site to guarantee a good and sustainable collaboration.

This year, the Kent showed some delay, where the first batches for industry were only available per end of December, early January.    Besides the issue in timing, there were initially some problems with the brix level. The first harvest showed brix levels of 11-13 brix, where most customers favor 13+. Luckily there was enough sun to pump those numbers and guarantee the required brix for the rest of the season. At the moment, packers are finalizing the harvest and closing their offers. If you have any enquiries for Mango Kent 2018, now is your last chance.

Besides Mango, Peru has a lot more to offer in tropicals.

We already import Avocado Puree and will also include IQF Avocado chunks with the coming season.

The avocado crop starts in April and first container Hass Avocado will be available at our warehouse in May. Also Ginger from Peru is making progress in the export market. The Peruvian ginger defines itself with a very full and strong taste.

If you work with any of these items and have enquiries for 2018, please contact your sales person at Netra Agro, or send an email to