Keaw mango from Vietnam

Our Keaw mangoes (“Keo Romeat”) are grown on high planes, where soils are iron-rich and have good drainage. The climate allows for 2 seasons per year : the first at the heart of dry season (March, April, May) and the second one through floral induction, at the tail end of rainy season (October, November, December). In between, from January to March, we have access to volumes, but rather in a sporadic way. The mangoes are harvested by hand at their mature stage, we then ripen them in-house before manufacturing.


Over the past years, mango plantations have been expanding and modernizing. The market is now split between fresh exports to China and Korea, and processing mango in Thailand or Vietnam. The export grade is grown in paper bags to obtain a perfect looking skin, and the process grade is grown naturally on the tree (see pictures). These days our suppliers have started partnering with specially selected operators and now have direct access to the field. This makes for more stable prices and live insight into the crop.


We are now at beginning stages of the season, volumes and prices are at a good average. However the dragging rainy season did not bring as many flowers as normal and harvest should be shorter than usual – meaning an ending early may instead of May/June. Consequentially, the growers are urging us to finalize the contracts rapidly, and this is the right time to order.


From the new crop Netra Agro can offer:


  • IQF Mango 20×20, Vietnam – Keaw variety
  • IQF Mango 15×15, Vietnam – Keaw variety
  • IQF Mango 10×10, Vietnam – Keaw variety