IQF Pineapple, Philippines

Product: IQF Pineapple, Philippines

County of origin: Philippines

Variety: MG3

Harvest period: September – July

Palletisation: 99 cartons of 10kg. on Industrial pallet or 72 cartons of 10 kg. on Europallet

Applications: Numerous

Characteristics: Super sweet – sweeter and less fiber compared with Vietnamese pineapple.Industrially processed IQF pineapple from the Philippines, unlike Costa Rican pineapple, is cut by machine. Therefore these MG3  chunks and tidbits from here have a more regular cut than it’s super sweet comparable MD2 from Costa Rica.

Cuts:   – IQF Pineapple 10×10, Philippines
– IQF Pineapple tidbits, Philippines
– IQF Pineapple chunks, Philippines