IQF Totapuri Mango, India


– IQF Totapuri Mango 6×6, India
– IQF Totapuri Mango 10×10, India
– IQF Totapuri Mango 15×15 India
– IQF Totapuri Mango chunks 20×20, India
– IQF Totapuri Mango chunks 25×25, India
– IQF Totapuri Mango Halves, India

County of origin: India

Variety: Totapuri

Harvest period: May, June, July

Palletisation: 72 cartons of 10 kg. on Europallet

Applications: Compounds, salads, ice cream

Characteristics: The Totapuri mango is a cultivar that is widely grown in south India but mainly in the province of Andhra Pradesh. In India Totapuri is also known as Bangalora, Collector, Kallamai, Kili Mooku, Gilli, Mukku, Sandersha, and Thevadiyamuthi (just fyi). This specific mango can be characterized as fresh, firm and tastfull. Because of it’s relatively firmness compared with other varieties, Totapuri is ideal to cut smaller sized cubes.