Exploring Costa Rica!

Costa Rica still remains the biggest processer for pineapple Worldwide. With an annual production of 3.000.000MT, and more than 500 producers, this country is all about Pineapple. 98% of the Pineapple production is for the export.

As Netra-Agro, we regularly visit Costa Rica to check on the crop and audit our existing- and new suppliers. Pineapple is one of the first tropicals that we started importing and still is one of the most important in our portfolio.


Mr. Wijtvliet, general manager of Netra Agro, inspecting the pineapple fields last month.


The MD2 Pineapple again looks promising and our current stocks were positively received by our customers. We import both IQF as Purees from this item. Kindly enquire with your contact person for more information.