Aseptic Pineapple

Product: Aseptic pineapple

County of origin: Thailand or Costa Rica

Variety: Smooth Cayenne or MD2

Harvest period: September – July

Palletisation: 35 cartons of +- 23 kg. on Europallet or 4 drums of +- 210 kg. on industrial pallet

Applications: Compound, diary, ice-cream, beverage

Characteristics: These days the pineapple industry is still dominated by the Smooth Cayenne variety. This is undoubtedly due to its’ high yield, adaptability, and just plainly good characteristics for canning. This very same canning industry in Thailand makes our pineapple puree & crushes.
The MD2 puree from Costa Rica  is in general sweeter compared with Thai Smooth Cayenne pineapple. Also different structure (more viscous) due to a different production process in Costa Rica compared with Thailand.


– Aseptic pineapple puree, Thailand
– Aseptic pineapple fine crush, Thailand
– Aseptic pineapple coarse crush, Thailand
– Aseptic pineapple puree 11-16 brix, Costa Rica
– Aseptic pineapple puree 18-23 brix, Costa Rica
– Aseptic pineapple juice NFC, Costa Rica