Aseptic Peach


– Aseptic Peach puree single strength

– Aseptic Peach puree concentrate 30-32 brix

Counties of origin: Chile, Greece, Spain, Turkey

Variety: Yellow Cling or similar

Harvest period: July – August (Northern Hemisphere) & December – January (Southern hemisphere)

Palletisation: 4 aseptic drums of 200 to 230 kg on industrial pallet

Applications: Dairy, Beverage, Ice cream, Jam, Marmalade

Characteristics: Peach (Prunus persica),originating from the Northwest from China, belongs to the stone fruit family, which also includes cherry, apricot, nectarine and others. Our variety Yellow Cling peach is marked by an appetising, orange-yellow colour and a high content in juice. Once fully ripe, the fruit tastes aromatic and sweet.

Brix: 10 to 32, depending on concentration